Campaign Center

The past year has been full of challenges as we adapted to a new global reality. In 2021, new partnerships were formed, new ways of meeting needs were created, and new solutions to long-standing problems were acted on. We truly learned that our community is HOPEFUL for a better tomorrow. During the COVID-19 Pandemic, UWAC was able to step in and raise approximately $250,000 and invest it in the agencies that could make the most impact on our community and those in need. This is what the United Way team does time and time again. 

Whether it is a new threat like a global pandemic or an ongoing threat like homelessness or food insecurity, United Way is here to provide support to ensure that we can face these issues head on. At United Way we are HOPEFUL that children, individuals, and families live in a community that offers opportunity, where all can thrive and achieve financial stability. Thank you for all that you have done to play a part in sharing your time, talent, and treasure to get us much closer to our vision.

Our partner agencies continue to see dramatic demand for food, housing assistance, and mental health services. Your donation to United Way stays right here in our community to keep these critical services going for those who need it most. If you've never given to United Way before, we hope you will consider donating. If you have supported United Way in the past, we hope you will consider increasing your gift this year to help meet our community's needs. Thank you for your generosity - we couldn't do this without your support!