Financial Stability

Our Goal

In 2008, United Way initiated an ambitious 10-year plan to cut in half the number of lower-income families who are financially unstable. With your help, we believe that by 2018 we can help 1.9 million working families get on the road to economic independence.

United Way of Androscoggin County supports community programs that shelter and feed people during times of need and offer services to prevent homelessness.  This will be implemented through:

  • Emergency Food & Shelter Programs
  • Preventing & Eliminating Homelessness Programs

Desired Outcomes

  • Homelessness is reduced through prevention services, emergency shelters, transitional living services, outreach and housing for those with low/no income.
  • Basic living needs, including but not restricted to food, clothing and essential household goods, are accessible to the neediest.

Community Collaborations

  • Lewiston-Auburn Alliance of Services to the Homeless
  • Lewiston-Auburn CA$H Coalition
  • Bridges Out of Poverty