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Running a Campaign


We are excited about working with you as a 2013 Employee Campaign Manager (ECM).

You will play a vital role in the success of this year's campaign.  As you Advocate for United Way, you become a part of the LIVE UNITED movement that is advancing the common good right here in our community.

ECM's are cheerleaders, storytellers and the "go-to" people for information about United Way of Androscoggin County and our programs.  We realize that this is a big undertaking in addition to your current duties.  We are here to assist you every step of the way.  From
campaign materials, electronic tools and personal visits, we are available to support
your campaign success.

Below are this year's campaign resource materials.  If you need any additional information, please contact us at 795-4000.

Campaign Resources 2013
2013 Campaign Brochure

2013 Campaign Video Link:

2013 Pledge Card

2013 Corporate Pledge Card

2013 Incentive Prizes

2013 Campaign Poster

Campaign Resources  2012

2012 Campaign Brochure

2012 Pledge Card

2012 Incentive Prizes

2012 Corporate Pledge Card


You Can Help Kids Graduate - poster

You Can Help Our Seniors Remain Independent - poster

You Can Help the Homeless - poster

You Can Help Hungry Children - poster

Your Campaign Dates - poster

United Way THANK YOU - poster

Campaign Resources 2011

2011 Campaign Brochure

Employee Pledge Card

Corporate Pledge Card


Lorna's Story

Damien's Story
















 Every Gift Helps - What your dollar provides

Why United Way?

Fun Ideas for Special Events During Your Campaign

Incentive Prizes for 2011


Hunger Relief 2011

Disaster Relief 2011

Senior Independence 2011

Thank You Poster for Workplace Campaigns 2011

United Way Helps Here! Community Poster 2011

Super Boy - United Way Dates

Help Fight Hunger

A Little Help Is All It Takes

Help Fight Homelessness


Donor Through Workplace

Education Advocate

Volunteer Teen Mentor

United Way Volunteers

Meals on Wheels Smiles